Protect sensitive equipment while minimizing sound and vibration

Protect sensitive equipment with RIDE, Inc.

Since its foundation, RIDE Inc. has specialized in the design of state-of-the-art shock mounts and isolators. These components work to prevent harsh vibrations from affecting sensitive equipment such as downhole directional drilling instrumentation and keep noise and shock levels to a minimum in critical defense applications.

Experts in bonding elastomer to metal

RIDE Inc. uses the hot vulcanized transfer molding process to ensure a completely bonded surface that exceeds the strength of the elastomer. RIDE shock mounts and isolators are custom designed for each customer, suiting some of the most difficult loadings, load rates, and environmental conditions in the world. Our products have been qualified to several military standards and specifications and deployed in a number of applications including onboard US nuclear submarines.

High quality materials in every component

RIDE's shock mounts and isolators consist of elastomer bonded to metal components, a difficult process which RIDE has mastered in it's 30+ years of experience. We specialize in highly versatile materials such as: Monel, Ni-Al-Brz, Inconel, 4140 / 4340 high-strength steels and proprietary blends of elstomer compounds.

Technical Specifications

RIDE has developed shock mounts ranging in size from under one inch to over twenty inches, allowing them to be custom built to your specified design application.

RIDE shock mounts and isolators can be loaded radially as well as axially, and designed for any stiffness or dampening need. Once produced, each component is then tested using our own highly specialized servo-hydraulic testing machine for quality and durability, including large deflections up to 100 kip in 50 milliseconds.

Harsh Environment Applications

RIDE shock mounts perform well in harsh seawater conditions on US submarines


Oil and Gas companies rely on RIDE shock mounts to protect sensitive equipment

Oil and Gas

Shock mounts from RIDE provide general purpose vibration isolation for construction and other industries

General Purpose Vibration Isolation