Housed within RIDE's 20,000 square foot facility are all of the tools and equipment needed to design, prototype, test and inspect components that our customers rely on. By bringing all of these capabilities in-house, we're able to speed up collaboration and bring ideas to market faster than most engineering firms.


Using CAD and FEA software to visualize the solution at RIDE

DESIGN / Visualizing the solution

With decades of experience in fluid dynamics and structural analysis, RIDE engineers are available to design and develop innovative solutions to every customer's unique requirements.

We have the ability to create numerical models and simulations using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. These tools allow our engineers to test new ideas and analyze product behavior in specific situations before they are even manufactured.

RIDE builds prototypes in-house with rubber vulcanization machines, lathes and mills

PROTOTYPE / Bringing the idea to life

Once proven with simulations, a design is manufactured using a full suite of in-house equipment. RIDE has become an expert in manufacturing elastomer to metal bonded components through extensive experimentation and expertise using tools such as rubber vulcanization machines, lathes and mills.

When design solutions require additional equipment for manufacturing, we work closely with local machine shops to provide an effective solution that meet the needs of the product.

RIDE's servo-hydraulic test machine is capable of static and fatigue testing of any product

TEST / Assessing the reliability of a component

Where other engineering firms require long lead times to test products, RIDE can design and manufacture our own fixtures and use our own testing equipment for projects.

Our state-of-the-art custom-built servo-hydraulic test machine allows for the application of a 110-kip load in 50 milliseconds for larger deflections. This machine is capable of static, dynamic as well as fatigue testing of any product. In many instances, RIDE has partnered with outside companies and universities to expand our capabilities even further.

Our in-house CMM machine inspects tolerences and ensures components are ready for service

INSPECT / Confirming a high quality standard

With the addition of our coordinate measurement machine (CMM), RIDE can now take a design from a concept to a fully inspected component ready for service.

Our inspection machine is accurate to 0.0002" and has a size constraint of approximately 40" x 28" x 24". We also have a wide variety of metrology equipment to ensure our finished products are within tolerance and ready for practical applications.


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