Significant innovations in downhole drilling from RIDE

Developing a new standard for the oil and gas industry

RIDE Inc. has been developing technology and components in the vibration isolation field for over 35 years. In fact, one of our first innovations, a double helix elastomer filled isolator, was awarded Patent No. 5,833,541 and is still used today in the oil and gas industries!

This component has become a standard piece of equipment in downhole drilling for its ability to isolate instrumentation packs, and provide high torque capabilities.

Constant innovation from RIDE

Although this product has become a standard in the industry, RIDE continues to advance the technology further with a top-of-the-line coupling that produces a higher torque capacity than other designs on the market (Patent No. 10,435,954).

RIDE Inc's couplings and isolators provide a significant increase in torgue capacity for downhole drilling

Pushing the limits for oil and gas drilling

During testing in oil well drilling mud motors, the coupling exhibited a doubling of the torque capacity. Torque testing can be seen below.

The elastomer design is allowed to deflect under load which ultimately allows for the entire assembly to react to shaft misalignments. This design maintains the identical envelope of its helical predecessors, and has a higher torque capability.

We employ high strength steels such as 4140 and 4340 for use in most downhole drilling motors or electrical submersible pumps. This design allows for no sliding wear, no lubrication or expensive maintenance, and can even be fitted with internal flow passages.

Superior performance of RIDE's patented coupling system for downhole drilling

Harsh Environment Applications

Downhole oil drilling motors can benefit from RIDE's superior couplings and isloators

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