Engineered to handle the most demanding applications

Ceramic Thrust Bearings from RIDE Inc

Ceramic Thrust Bearings

These highly versatile bearings are able to operate in extremely harsh environments. They can run in oil, process fluid, or contaminated lubricants. They have a high load capacity and are capable of running in a high temperature environment. They are available in Sintered Silicon and Tungsten Carbides. They provide reliability in the event of a seal failure.

Bearings from RIDE Inc can distribute load axially and compensate for misalignments

Load Sharing Capability

Patented technology designed by RIDE engineers allows for bearings to distribute load axially as well as compensate for any misalignments within the assembly.

This design allows for theoretically unlimited load with the addition of our proprietary spring mounted stacked bearing technology.

Large diameter bearings from RIDE Inc meeet any envelope requirements

Large Diameter Bearings

With the technologies developed in part by RIDE, bearings are capable of being designed to meet any envelope requirements. This allows the bearings to theoretically be as large as the assembly requires.

Typical applications may include, windmills, hydroelectric turbines, and aggregate.

Bearings Engineered to Your Unique Specifications

All bearing types can be made using the traditional tilting pad or self-aligning design and custom made to fit even the most demanding applications.

Harsh Environment Applications

RIDE Bearings can be used for artificial lift ESPs and PCPs

Artificial Lift ESPs & PCPs

RIDE manufactures bearings for electronic submersible pumps

Electronic Submersible Pumps

Improve performance of turbines with bearings from RIDE Inc


Windmills are more efficient with RIDE Inc's bearings


RIDE Bearings increase performance of generators


Gear boxes can benefit from RIDE's superior bearing design

Gear Boxes