Since our inception in 1983, RIDE has been challenged to develop leading edge, patented products that improve upon existing technologies and solve customers' problems. Our operation is certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, ensuring the highest level of quality on every job that we work on.

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Our company was founded in 1983 by our current President / CEO Russell D. Ide. Russ is a 1969 Mechanical Engineering Graduate from the University of Rhode Island and has worked extensively on the design and construction of U.S. Nuclear Submarines, turbomachinery and oil and gas exploration and production.

In addition to founding several companies, joint ventures and licensees, Russ has issued over 600 U.S. and foreign patents. He is a member of several engineering associations, was awarded a Department of Energy grant to develop the deflection pad bearing technology and was awarded the Entrepreneur Engineering Award by the Governor of Rhode Island.

The balance of our team is made up of a talented group of graduate engineers and fabricators who, under Russ' guidance, are developing the next generation of methodologies and technologies for the future.


RIDE specializes in dealing with difficult, harsh environments, extending product life and improving performance and reliability. Learn more about our innovative shock / vibration isolators and power transmission components: Shock Mounts, Couplings & Isolators and Bearings.


RIDE Inc has state of the art manufacturing, measuring and testing equipment. Of special note is our 110 kip servo hydraulic shock testing machine that can apply large loads with large deflections in milliseconds. Our design and engineering tools include FEA and CAD. For elastomeric shock mounts, couplings / isolators and bearings, RIDE's capabilities include in-house mold design, hot vulcanizing transfer presses and mixers. We have all the tools to bring concepts to production while providing the highest level of quality assurance.

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The technological advances that we've spearheaded have increased efficiency and decreased downtime for several industries throughout the world. We've had the pleasure of working with the United States Navy as well as leaders in the oil and gas industry.

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